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5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants You to Know

Visiting the gynecologist is a vital part of any woman’s overall health and wellness routine. In many ways, it’s almost a right of passage for young girls into womanhood, as the gynecologist manages the variety of important aspects of your health including sexual health, proper menstruation, hormonal stability and much more. And it’s important for women to understand that these aspects of their health are important to a lot more than just their sexual health, in fact things like hormones and menstrual cycles are key indicators to your overall health and body wellness. Considered the best OB-GYN New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Evan Shapiro of Women’s Health and Wellness, has helped countless women in managing and improving their overall health and immune system. Finding a gynecologist can be a bit of a daunting task and knowing when it might be time can be even harder. Dr. Shapiro believes the age of puberty is often the best time for young women to begin thinking about these things and getting a better grasp on their reproductive health. Despite how important of a subject gynecology is many women are still fairly uneducated on the important of all their OB-GYN does for them. To better help you understand their role, Dr. Shapiro,the best OB-GYN New Hyde Park has in practice, offers these 5 things that every gynecologist wants their patients to know.

· Personal Grooming

One of the biggest concerns young women have before going to the gynecologist is their personal grooming, mostly of their intimate areas. As the best OB-GYN New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro believes its important for women to understand that their gynecologist is not judging their personal grooming at all! While hygiene is definitely important, its not necessary to get a full Brazilian wax before your first appointment. The fact is that gynecologists rarely ever notice things like that.

· Embarrassing Questions

A common issue in gynecological care is that many women feel worried or are too embarrassed to ask certain questions of their OB-GYN, but the truth is that is exactly what they are there for! If you can’t ask them, who can you ask? No matter how self-conscious you might be, they’ve heard it all, and they are there to help you. So, whether it’s a rash, smell or some type of nasty discharge, they definitely want to hear about it. In fact, they need to hear about it!

· Fertility Questions

A big part of a gynecologist’s job is to inform you about fertility and your reproductive health. However, its important to understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean they have any opinions on your life choices or whether or not you might be ready for children or are even thinking of that. As the best OB-GYN New Hyde Park women trust, Dr. Shapiro has helped deliver countless babies in his day. And while he will definitely make you aware of certain things like how your age may affect your ability to have a child or how address your “biological clock”, this in no way is a form of judgement. Too many women feel uncomfortable with this type of discussion.

· Vaginal Cleaning Products

One of the biggest issues gynecologists often have with women’s vaginal hygiene is the use of fancy or trendy vaginal products and douching devices. The vagina is a self-cleaning machine, and therefore does not require you to use so many different cleaning products that can only harm your vagina and alter its pH levels.

· Your Sex Life

Many women feel too shy or too embarrassed to disclose details about their sex life, however this is only doing yourself an injustice – as the more you tell your OB-GYN, the better they are able to treat you and help prevent issues like STI’s and unwanted pregnancies. They are not judging you at all, and no matter what you have to tell them, they have definitely heard much, much worse. So definitely don’t be afraid to share as much about your sex life as possible.

For more information on gynecological health or to schedule an appointment, contact Women’s Health and Wellness today.

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