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4 Most Important Things to Do When Finding an OBGYN

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when they must find an OBGYN of their own. While there is some debate on when exactly the right time for this is, according to Dr. Evan Shapiro the top OBGYN Queens has to offer, that time is dependent on a few specific factors. Whether or not you have gone through puberty yet – most girls start seeing their OBGYN at the age or around the age at which they have begun having periods or in other words begun entering their adulthood. This is important, as this is one of the main reasons for which you would see your OBGYN. Then, according to the top OBGYN Queens has in practice, Dr. Shapiro, the other most important factor is your level of comfort, are you ready to go. Of course this level of comfort is only something you can grab onto for so long, but some girls are curious and may feel the need to go slightly before they reach this time in life, while others may want to wait a year or two. Everyone is different and being okay with that is a fact of life. Once you make the decision to go however, it is vital that you find an OBGYN you like and feel comfortable with. As the top OBGYN Queens patients trust, Dr. Shapiro offers these 4 important things to know when choosing the right OBGYN for you.

· Ask About Insurance

While this might not always be the first things on people’s lists, it definitely should be. If you have medical coverage, likely still through your parents, you should be asking if this doctor accepts your insurance carrier. While this can seem too insensitive, its important to understand, medical care is expensive, and if you have insurance coverage its important to put it to good use otherwise gynecological visits can costs you hundreds of dollars at a time – like all other medical appointments in this country. For more information on your doctor’s insurance acceptance, simply call and ask.

· Get Referrals

Whether it be from your regular doctor, a pediatrician you like, you mother, or an aunt – someone you know, knows at least a few OBGYN’s and can give you a solid recommendation. As the top OBGYN Queens has to offer, Dr. Shapiro is constantly getting referrals from family members. This might be a good thing to try out for your first few visits to see if you are comfortable, but visit the same doctor your mom, or older sister does and see how you like it.

· Read Reviews Online

The best way to find out more about any doctor is to see what their patients have said about them in a public forum. Reading reviews online can help you to learn a variety of different intricate details about a doctor, without having ever spoken to them. And the more positive reviews, the more likely you might be to get along with them. Don’t just check the ratings either, reading them in-depth can help you learn a lot more about the person.

· Make Appointments & Speak to Them

Once you go on a few visits to meet the OBGYN you choose, you will get a better grasp of things like their bedside manner and their ability to communicate. You can ask as many questions as you like, and definitely see how comfortable you are speaking to them, as you will have to share a lot of intimate details with this person over the years.

For more information on finding the right OBGYN QUEENS contact Women’s Health and Wellness today.

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