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laser (1)We use the NaturaLase laser made by Focus Medical, the most powerful Q-Switched laser available for tattoo removal, lightening and nail fungus. This laser is a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser and can remove all colors of tattoo ink. It produces two joules of power per pulse. What that means is that it treats your tattoo with two times more energy than any other laser on the market. The extra energy is used to treat a larger area of your skin per pulse of light. Treating a larger area with each pulse, called the “spot size”, has important benefits. By starting with a larger spot size, as the light funnels down into your skin, it is able to penetrate deeper in the skin and break up the ink that resides in the lower layers of the dermis. This results in our ability to remove more ink and allows us to keep the energy at the skin surface lower so you have less chance of having any side effects including scarring and hypopigmentation (whitening of the skin).

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