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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

At Women’s Health and Wellness, Dr. Evan Shapiro, is one the foremost OBGyn New Hyde Park has in practice today. In his many years dealing with women’s healthcare issues, and guiding women along their pregnancies, Dr. Shapiro has had patients with varying degrees of activity and exercise during their gestation periods. For some active women, pregnancy still means hitting the gym, or taking a nightly stroll, while for those women who are less active, pregnancy can lead to a much more sedentary life of laying down in front of the TV. As the top OBGyn New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro understands the physical and emotional toll a pregnancy can have on a woman. And despite this, exercise can not only help alleviate certain fatigue symptoms but also help women have a much easier and more well-managed pregnancy. This topic is a much debated one, other OBGyn New Hyde Park have varied opinions on exercise. Some feel it may cause unnecessary stress on the fetus, while others agree with Dr. Shapiro and the staff at Women’s Health and Wellness, that exercise can only help a pregnancy. In truth, every woman is different, as is every pregnancy, some high-risk pregnancies require women to take every precaution, even staying in bed throughout the 9 months.

As the foremost OBGyn New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro has dealt with many high-risk pregnancies and agrees that exercise for these women isn’t a good idea, however for most women, exercise offers a number of benefits throughout their gestation. Some of the most common benefits are:

· ENERGY – For most, if not all women, pregnancy causes unmatched levels of fatigue. And exercise in general, helps men and women, increase blood flow, and distribute oxygen throughout the body. Helping to increase energy stores, and increase the patient’s stamina, and more!

· LESS WEIGHT GAIN – Any woman who has been pregnant before knows that pregnancy causes them to gain a ton of weight. And while weight gain is important for the developing fetus, too much weight gain can cause problems for you, and the baby, even negatively affecting the labor process. Exercise will help you keep the unnecessary pounds off, which will in turn offer a number of health benefits including avoiding a C-Section, and avoid conditions like hypertension, and gestational diabetes.

· EASY LABOR PROCESS – Being physically fit can help the labor process in a number of ways. Firstly, giving you the physical fitness to take on the process, and the stresses that come with it. Secondly, exercise causes endorphins, which give confidence and strength, giving expecting moms the fortitude to handle the mental stresses that come with pregnancy as well.

· LESS POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION – Postpartum depression, is an all too common, and all too real occurrence. Once the baby is born, the highs and lows of the gestation period, the excessive weight gain, and the feelings of separation from mother and child cause many women to develop crippling depression. As the top OBGyn New Hyde Park has in practice today, Dr. Shapiro instructs many new moms to develop a strong workout routine, both during and after pregnancy. Exercise will not only help you not gain so much extra weight, but will also give you the mental strength and confidence to handle these feelings and gives you a place to channel your feelings.

Be sure to make exercise an integral part of your pregnancy and schedule your appointment with the top OBGyn New Hyde Park has to offer today, in Dr. Evan Shapiro and Women’s Health and Wellness.

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