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4 Things to Know Before Your First Trip to the OBGYN

In every young woman’s life, there will come the time when she is ready to blossom into womanhood. And with such development, also comes a number of different responsibilities, the first of which, and probably the most important is that first time visiting the gynecologist. For most young women, that time comes around the age of puberty or essentially whenever you and your parents see fit. As an OBGYN New Hyde Park physician Dr. Evan Shapiro, educates his patients on the importance of taking their young daughters to the gynecologist, as it will not only help maintain their health, but also alleviate any of the awkward discomfort that often comes with being a young woman. The fact is that when it comes to our sexual development, many parents remain tight lipped, and are nervous to truly explain certain things in detail – this is where having a qualified OBGYN comes in very handy. So before you make your first trip to the OBGYN, check out these 4 important things to know.

· Do Your Research When Finding the Right Gynecologist

One of the most important parts of growing into womanhood is finding the right gynecologist. When looking for a qualified gynecologist New Hyde Park and the surrounding areas have quite a few to offer, but few can match the level of experience as well as the knowledge of Dr. Evan Shapiro at Women’s Health and Wellness. One of the most important things is communication – Dr. Shapiro is known for putting patients at ease with his friendly, caring nature, as well as the way he takes time to educate and explain things to his patients. You will undoubtably have a lot of questions about adulthood and your gynecologist is someone who should be able to answer the most uncomfortable questions, without making you feel awkward at all. Be sure to check out reviews and testimonials from other patients. And always remember, you can always change doctors if the one you have isn’t the right one for you.

· There is No “Right” Time

As the top OBGYN New Hyde Park has in practice, Dr. Evan Shapiro recommends girls begin to see their gynecologist anywhere from 12-15, however, it is highly dependent on when you feel comfortable. Some will argue that you should go as soon as you experience your first period, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The best time is when you are curious about certain things like sex and your sexuality, as your gynecologist will be able to better explain things like STD’s, safe-sex, disease prevention, and what your period means.

· Grooming isn’t Necessary

One of the most common questions young women ask, is if they need to shave, wax, or groom otherwise before their first gynecological appointment. As the top OBGYN New Hyde Park patients recommend, Dr. Evan Shapiro believes this is entirely a personal preference. While it is important to be clean, showered, and sanitary when visiting any doctor, gynecological exams do not require any advanced grooming. And your OBGYN will not care either way.

· Honesty is Key

While this should be the case with any doctor, it is especially important when visiting your OBGYN New Hyde Park physician Dr. Evan Shapiro will recommend his patients be as direct as possible with him, and tell him everything, without leaving anything out. Things like overall health, lifestyle habits, sexual history, your partners, and any concerns or worries you might have, are all vital aspects of the relationship with your OBGYN. The more truthful you are with any physician the better they can treat you. Also this will ensure you do not suffer any health issues long-term or in the present.

Your gynecological health is extremely important, and it’s something every woman should pay close attention to. Just know it is okay to be nervous, but there is truly no reason to be. Find an OBGYN you are comfortable with and stick with them, that’s the key. For more information or to schedule an exam for yourself, contact Dr. Evan Shapiro and the team at Women’s Health and Wellness NY today.

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