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4 Things to Know About Birth Control

For many women it’s a daily chore, they seem to forget all the time, while others treat it as routine as breathing or morning coffee – regardless, birth control is something the majority of women out there use, in all its different forms. As the years go on, birth control, like everything else, has truly advanced quite a lot. However, with all the new technology and options out there, it has made it harder than ever to choose which one is right for you. This is why it is important to have a gynecologist you feel comfortable with, as they can help inform you on what’s the best option for you. While there are quite a few out there, few can match the experience and level of patient care of Dr. Evan Shapiro, considered by many the top OBGYN New Hyde Park has in practice. His dedication to educating his patients, and helping them deal with good times, and bad, has set him apart from others. He, like others, recommend different options for different women, as it is often dependent on your specific needs and wants. To help you along in your decision, here are a few important things to know about birth control in today’s world.

· The IUD is a Long-Lasting Option

You may have heard of the IUD – it is a reversible, and 99% effective means of birth control that lasts as long as 10 years! As the top OBGYN New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro recommends this for patients of all ages, from their 20’s to 40’s. There are a few myths that stop people from choosing this option. In years past women believed that because the IUD was essentially a small implant, that it was only for women who had had a baby already. However, this isn’t true at all. It works for everyone, in a safe, monogamous relationship without any partner having any STD’s or STI’s.

· Birth Control Pills Can Improve Your Health in Many Ways

As the top OBGYN New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro recommends oral contraception for a number of patients as it can also offer a multitude of health benefits beyond just birth control. Because of the effect on the hormones, the pill can help with things like acne, menstrual cramps, anemia, certain cancers, ovarian cysts, and even reduce facial hair in women.

· Condoms Are Still Important

One of the most important things to be aware of is that the majority of all birth control options do not protect against STI’s or sexually transmitted diseases. This is where condoms can help, as they are close to 99% effective against the transmission of such diseases, as well as pregnancy. For those who are not in a monogamous relationship, free from sexually transmitted infections, then condoms are vital to your sexual health – no matter of age or gender.

· Adverse Effects of “The Pill”

By far the most common form of birth control, and likely the thing most of us think of when we hear the term, oral contraceptives have been around for over 50 years – and still there are countless myths surrounding the topic. As the top OBGYN New Hyde Park has to offer, Dr. Shapiro is often correcting patients about such myths, and the fact is that most of them simply aren’t true. One of the most common is that the pill causes weight gain, and despite certain anecdotal evidence agreeing to such a myth, this isn’t the case. While some patients may experience hunger due to hormonal changes associated with the pill, over time, as your body acclimates to these hormonal changes, any temporary changes to weight will balance out. Another is that the pill causes things like acne, when the exact opposite is true. The pill limits androgens – hormones responsible for things like acne or hair loss. This is why many women even choose to take birth control as a form of acne treatment.

Birth control is an important part of your sexual health, and something every woman should be educated on. While there are many options out there, the more you research and learn, the more of an informed decision you can make. For more information about birth control options, or to schedule your next OBGYN appointment, contact Dr. Evan Shapiro and the team at Women’s Health and Wellness today.

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