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1 (9)Essure is the only permanent birth control you can get with a nonsurgical procedure. It can help you stop worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.

Nonsurgical Procedure
The Essure procedure is usually completed in about 10 minutes and can be performed right in your doctor’s office.

Quick Recovery
Most women return to normal activities within a day or two.

Non hormonal
Essure inserts do not contain or release any hormones.

Essure is over 99% effective at permanently preventing pregnancy.*

FDA Approved
Essure has been available for over 10 years.

How Does the Essure Procedure Work?

A small Essure insert is permanently placed into each of your fallopian tubes by your doctor. These inserts work with your body to form a natural barrier that keeps sperm from reaching the eggs, preventing pregnancy. While the natural barrier forms over time, another form of birth control must be used.

A Closer Look at the Essure Inserts
Shape: The Essure inserts are designed to bend and conform to the shape of your body while remaining securely in place.
Placement: The soft, flexible Essure inserts are permanently placed through the natural pathways of your vagina and cervix so no incisions are needed.
Material: The inserts do not contain hormones and are made from some of the same material that is used in heart stents and other medical devices. (NOTE: The Essure insert is made of materials that include a nickel-titanium alloy. Once placed inside the body, small amounts of nickel are released from the inserts. Patients who are allergic to nickel may have an allergic reaction to the inserts. Symptoms include rash, itching, and hives. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have a nickel allergy and he or she will help to determine if Essure is right for you.)

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